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Wi-Fi Optimization

No one enjoys a slow internet connection. Increase your network speed and coverage with enterprise-grade hardware. We offer 24/7 remote assistance to ensure you're never without wifi.   

Custom A/V Design

Create the perfect entertainment space for you and your guests. Whether you need to mount a new TV or install a home theater - we provide custom A/V solutions to fit each client's needs.

Home Automation

Smart home automation takes advantage of modern technology to provide you a new level of control. Turn off lights, set the thermostat, and play your favorite music all from the ease of your smartphone.

What Our Clients Say

"Everything works perfectly! Before Garnett Technologies fixed my home network, nothing worked properly. I was paying Comcast a fortune for fast Internet, but I still couldn't print wirelessly, Sonos would work only sometimes, and at least 50% of my house didn't get a signal. Mason at Garnett Technologies fixed everything, plus installed an Apple TV and Nest Thermostat. I was even able to call Comcast and have my bill reduced! If you have any home network issues, I highly recommend Garnett Technologies!"

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